Counselling is about open engagement, connection and making the changes that will transform your life

Whether you have gone through a terrible experience, lost your life balance, or simply feel your life is just not what it’s supposed to be – counselling helps you gain access to the place inside yourself, where your strengths, positive energy and an incredible potential of powerful resources reside.

Sometimes we are too close to the things that concern and worry us, and our life experiences with the layers of patterns and behaviours that developed over time have made it impossible for us to see clearly. It’s easy to loose hope, feel weary, listless, self-doubting and ready to just give up. In such a state, it is tremendously helpful to seek outside assistance. To partner with someone who has the skills and insights to show you ways and options in which you can explore the aspects of your life you want or need to change.

I am here to help you gain clarity and to find your way forward

And I want to help you see how awe-inspiring life could be. Each person is different, and I know from experience that certain counselling styles suit some clients better than others. That’s why I draw from a range of approaches with the best possible support and outcome for you in mind.

But it is you who will be in the driving seat of this journey that we will share together. I am here to support you to deal with the issues that have kept you from enjoying successes and happiness in your current life. The purpose of our journey will be yours to decide and the direction and speed will be of your choosing. My role as therapist and counsellor will be that of an attentive navigator and considerate companion. I may point out some of the scenery as we explore your day or delve into your past.

It’s all about your well-being, healing and transformation

Our first session together will be an initial 50-minute face-to-face assessment. It will give you the opportunity to explore different options, and we will get to know each other. I realize that visiting a therapist and counsellor is an important step for you, and for it to work, you need to be comfortable, feel at ease and have a sense of trust and of being understood.

We will start out by discussing your expectations, goals, any anxieties and any questions you may have. I will explain my approach, the possibilities, talk about EMDR as one possible option and make sure to familiarize you with the overall process. Our sessions will take place here at my offices at the Atkins Building in Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, or if you have chosen an online session, via Skype.

If you have the feeling you are in the “right place” and you are comfortable, we continue our counselling sessions together. You’ll probably find the awareness process enlightening, inspiring and incredibly powerful. I will create a safe and supported environment for you in which we team together to look back, to look ahead, to explore, clarify, learn, move forward and create lasting change.

As to the time frames: Generally, I arrange with my clients to meet for an agreed number of sessions. As this has shown best outcomes, I usually suggest six weekly sessions and at the end we will decide to conclude the counselling at that point or to continue with further sessions, depending on what feels right for you.

My sole aim is to keep you safe and on track, but you will be steering where you want to go. You will decide how long we explore together. When we reach our destination, you will be aware that you have arrived – safe and sound, healthier and happier, and hopefully exactly where you wanted to be.

In a life of inner peace, magic, hope and possibility.

Let’s get together to make it happen!