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Effective bereavement and grief counselling in Leicester

You’re struggling with Grief and Heartache.  You’ve lost someone.  A child, a parent, a partner, a loved one, a close friend.  Or you’ve experienced a traumatic event, your world seems to be falling apart and you don’t know how you’ll cope.

Then you’ve been guided to the right place.  Welcome to Butterfly Counselling.  My name is Wendie Ralphs, I’m a Bereavement & Grief Counsellor based near Leicester and the reason I’ve helped so many, is that I’ve walked that road too.  I found a way to move forward and create a different life.  A life that softens the sadness and heartache of losing my only child. A life filled with meaning, happiness and with a new purpose and into yours too!

I’ve been a qualified counsellor for over eighteen years now.  You can work with me, online through video conferencing and I also offer telephone counselling.  Together we will bring more lightness into the darkness.

Don’t Believe It When People Say “Time Is A Great Healer”.

Sadly, that’s not always true. Unprocessed grief gets buried inside and shows up later.
What does heal is the work you do to get better. Let me help you.

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How We’ll Work Together:


  • Talking therapy – Counselling
  • EMDR (a specialized therapy for trauma relief)
  • Life Coaching (to make further changes in your life)

Together, we’ll process those haunting memories and those painful experiences. That block your mind from being able to recall many positive memories, your inner light and happiness.  Together we’ll remove what is holding you back, one by one.  Together we’ll find the way forward towards a new future… a future that fits around the new you.

Bereavement & Grief Can Feel Like The End

But let me help you to see that, in fact, 

it can be the springboard to a new beginning.

I’m not going to pretend the process will be painless, because it won’t.  Death and trauma irreversibly change your outlook on life.  Yet there is such a lot to gain by going within and dealing with your own pain and darkness.  By allowing through your own light it gives you access to positive memories, inner wisdom, peace, purpose and happiness.  You grow.  You create a different future.  That’s why transforming you’re grief and heartache is so important. And I’ll be with you, helping you to move forwards whilst honouring your loved one.

It’s Your Choice

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