About Butterfly Counselling

The Internet is full of websites that have a page called “About Me.” And sometimes that page should say “About You.”

Because what matters most and the reason people like you get in touch with people like me.  Is to find someone who can meet your needs.

So, before we talk about what it is that I do, let’s talk about what it is you need.

About You

Who Are You?

People turn to me for so many reasons. You’re someone to whom life has suddenly come crashing down.

  • You’ve suffered the loss of a child, parent or partner from which you feel no-one could ever recover.
  • You sense an inward potential for spiritual growth.
  • Or you’ve experienced a traumatic event and feel lost and ungrounded.

Loss and bereavement are heart aching and heartbreaking things, and yet within each experience holds the potential for making something good grow from something painful.

  • You can find new meaning in your life.
  • You can recover or discover some inner peace.
  • You can find the inner strength you didn’t suspect you had.
  • You can discover or give life to a new purpose, reinvigorating your life.

It can take time, and as difficult as it may be to hear!  It is your choice whether to remain stuck, sad and unhappy, perhaps relying on medication to help you to cope, or whether you become the person you can be – but I can help.

What Do I Need From You?

I need you to engage in the therapeutic process, to be motivated and ready to begin your journey of discovery and recovery and to be sufficiently committed to keeping our appointments.

During sessions, you can enjoy further benefits from some energy healing.  Specifically designed to help improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing even further! You needn’t come to me as a wholehearted believer.   All I ask is an openness to fresh ideas and open to the idea of receiving some support through energy.

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About Me

Now that you know what I can offer you, it’s only fair that I tell you something about me.  The UK has a large number of counsellors who combine bereavement counselling with their other counselling work, but I am one of the few who works solely with those experiencing bereavement and loss and doing so from a spiritual perspective.

My objective is not only to put you back on your feet to lessen you’re suffering – but to change your life in very powerful ways.

What makes it possible for me to do those things?

Simple: I’ve been bereaved, too.

I worked for nearly twenty years in personal development, counselling and therapy but it was the sheer pain and trauma of losing my daughter, Alexx when she was 24 years old.  Alexx being my only child I’ve also experienced the loss of being a mum, being a grandparent being able to enjoy all the other milestones that come with having children.

Yet through the tears, the heartache, the heartbreak and the darkness there has also been a great deal of healing and positivity.  I have also grown in many ways as a result of my experience.  I view life completely differently, I feel a deep passion to help others and I see a richness and appreciation I didn’t see before.  I’ve found inner strength and qualities I didn’t know I had.  I am more carefree and stressfree than ever before.  I’ve fallen in love with meditation and developed a deeper self-care practice, which has made the grief easier.  It’s fair to say that my own trauma, with its shades of darkness and light, has been transformational and shown me how to change my life and create a new life whilst honouring Alexx.

I know how difficult it can be. I understand what you have to go through because I’ve been through it before you.  I had to work very hard to find my way to a new life. And so will you. But you’ll have me in your corner, helping you find the way.

When you experience bereavement, you want to feel better. Of course, you do. But don’t stop there.

Make this experience the catalyst for living your life that honours your loved one and what will, when the work is over, be a different and – hard as this is to believe – a life that makes you smile and makes you proud.

I work face-to-face, online and by telephone. Get in touch. Right now, you may feel that your life is over. But let me help you to see that, in fact, it could be just beginning.

You may like to know that every month I donate a percentage of what I earn and my time to

a non-profit organisation I set up called Cuddle Bears. 

Providing teddy bears to bereaved parents and poorly kids. 

To bring comfort, cuddles, love and support.

Yes, I’m ready to start today . . .


Qualified EMDR Practitioner

EMDR Parts One, Two, Three & Four

I’m able to help you release and reduce symptoms of trauma quickly.

BA (Hons) in Counselling

My skills in being able to listen and hear what can’t be expressed and help you let go of the blocks hindering you from feeling better.

Accreditation & Registration

Accredited Counsellor with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Certificate Number 017469

Accredited EMDR Practitioner with the EMDR Association UK & Ireland (EMDR Assoc UK & Ireland)

Ethics – My work is governed by the high standards and strict codes of professional ethics by the above organizations.

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