Panic Attacks
Have you ever experienced a panic attack? Many people who experience a panic attack brought on by anxiety may not recognize what it is, while others will be acutely aware of just what is going on. Panic attacks can be debilitating and leave a person feeling high levels of stress and anxiety.The great news is that while panic attacks can be very scary, there are several methods of working through them and ultimately preventing them altogether.
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Let’s take a brief look at some of the symptoms that are often felt during a panic attack. It is important to note that panic attacks will generally begin suddenly and without warning. These sudden onset symptoms can be very disruptive and destructive.

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[li]Accelerated heart rate and heart palpitations[/li]
[li]Sudden sweating[/li]
[li]Sudden shaking[/li]
[li]Shortness of breath[/li]
[li]Chest pain, which may lead some to believe they are experiencing a heart attack[/li]
[li]A sense of detachment[/li]
[li]A fear of death, which could occur at any moment[/li]
[li]Heightened state of emotion, which could result in an emotional outburst that includes crying or angry reactions[/li]


If you have a history of panic attacks and feel shortness of breath accompanied by chest pains then you may recognize the onset of another panic attack. However, you should always err on the side of caution and seek out medical treatment for chest pains and shortness of breath. It is better to take extra precautionary steps.

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The causes of panic attacks can vary greatly between individuals. The best methods of working through panic attacks are to recognize what the root cause may be. Treatment plans are customized based upon what the triggers for each panic attack may be, as well as based on the needs of every unique individual.

There are several medications that have proven effective in treating anxiety disorders like panic attacks. Evidence has suggested that therapy and counselling have shown to have much more of an effect in treating panic attacks.  There is a greatly reduced risk of a repeat in a panic attack when therapy is used as the primary source of treatment.[ul style=”1″]
[li]Working with a therapist can help you to understand the causes of your panic attacks[/li]
[li]You will be able to learn how to recognize your panic attack triggers[/li]
[li]With recognition comes the ability to avoid, control, or confront your triggers[/li]
[li]There are several great breathing exercises, beyond the paper bag method, that your therapist can help you to master[/li]
[li]Meditation is another great option for working through panic attacks[/li]


Panic attacks can make you feel like you are going crazy and that your world is quickly spiraling out of control. Working with a trusted therapist can help you to work through panic attacks and avoid them altogether.