What they don’t tell you about anxiety and depression

How often do you say or hear “where does the time fly” or “I don’t know where this week has gone?” Apart from the fact that life runs at quite a speed, it can also indicate that we are disconnected from ourselves and ‘lost ourselves’ to life, this is another way of describing anxiety and depression.  Other signs of this are when you notice you are constantly thinking about the past or future but never the present moment.  But the major signs are often if you have depression or anxiety or some other disorder, as this can usually indicate a severe disconnect from the inner you.  Or when you are consumed by some sort of anxiety and you are trying to distract yourself with whatever, or if you are depressed and you are feeling numb, or of being there but not really being there.

If we were to record just how many minutes each day we do spend being connected and present I am sure we would be quite shocked our how much time we lose in a blur.

You may ask, well what’s the problem here, this is life and this is how we live life.  By my point is, that during all of these moments we are disconnected from ourselves.  When we are really disconnected from ourselves it can create depression and anxiety as well as other disorders.  This may sound slightly ‘out there’ but if you consider for a moment that within us we have unknown abilities, solutions, healing properties, potentials, guidance systems, ways to soothe and make ourselves feel good about being ourselves, the question is why do so many people not tap into their hidden resources and instead believe we get our happiness through others, or through external things.

Perhaps this is because, this is what the vast majority of people do and from being very little we have just copied everyone else, which makes it our norm.  It’s only a norm because we believe it is a norm.  For people who are more connected to themselves, they are happier, calmer, more successful, fulfilled and have more riches in their lives.  (Riches, of course, means something different to each person).

To become more connected to our selves it, not an easy task.  Sometimes we are challenged by seeing things within us that we don’t want to see.  So it is easier to avoid and carrying on with the illusion of chasing life hoping it will give us happiness.  To be connected and present we have to spring clean ourselves and de-clutter the negatives.  This then allows us to see what’s always been underneath but hidden due to past hurts, traumas and current situations.  It is a well worth a journey of self-discovery though, to discover your hidden abilities and purpose because it transforms all areas of your life.  Leading to an easier and more fulfilling life and one which appears to slow down and has a richer quality to it whilst at the same time being connected and present.