How Trauma Can Help Us Grow

Experiencing trauma or PTSD (post-traumatic post disorder) isn’t something only military personnel deal with, but an effect that can occur in the life of any regular individual, linked to different types of events and unfortunate occurrences. Despite the long list of issues, trauma and PTSD can make you deal with in your life, upon contemplation and after a complete emotional recovery, you might start viewing grief and other events that have left a mark on your mind and soul to also be linked to self-evolvement, growth and perception broadening. Seeing the good in the bad might not be something just any person is able to do, but the positive long-term, personal outcomes of a traumatic experience still remain there whether you would want to admit them or not.

Making healthy lifestyle changes

For some people, it takes having something bad happen to actually become determined to make a long-awaited lifestyle change. Perhaps giving up on a nasty habit, pursuing an upgrade in your career, moving to another country, becoming closer to your family, valuing love more – it doesn’t matter how small or large the said change might be, as long as it will contribute to your mental health. It’s often known that tragedy can open one’s eyes, and although it’s unfortunate to go through a traumatic event, good things can still be obtained.

Surviving trauma comes with precious gifts

Surviving trauma and moving past it, as long as it might take you to actually do so, comes with gifts you wouldn’t think such a negative life experience could actually have anything in common with. Getting closer to the people in your life, strengthening your connections, and experiencing a deeper level of love and understanding. Acquiring a new sense of appreciation for what you do have now and what you will obtain later on. It will become far easier for you to get joy out of the little things in life when you have known tragedy and misery, and that is something few people who haven’t dealt with bereavement can actually experience.

Giving forward

Depending on the specifics of your situation, your experience can be used to help other people who might have gone through the same or a similar situation. Although talking about the traumatic events that have happened to you, being able to share your stories and to answer questions about that period might not be possible right away, after a while you can use those life-altering occurrences and provide support to other individuals. Taking what you have learned from trauma and using it in the healing process of other individuals is a great way of giving forward and it will make a stronger and more fulfilled person.

While it might seem difficult to see any positivity in a tragic incident at the time being, after you have reached full closure, and you have begun the healing process, you will actually manage to understand the connection between your growth, self-improvement and the less fortunate experiences of your life. Trauma can, in fact, help us grow, but it’s our responsibility to be active participants in that process, so when you are unable to move on from a certain unpleasant situation, when your emotional baggage is only getting heavier and heavier and when your posttraumatic syndrome symptoms are only aggravating themselves, it’s best if you simply ask for help. Seeing a therapist will allow you to speed your recovery process, to truly let go of the catastrophe and become a wholehearted individual once again. A happy and even more fulfilling life after tragedy is possible, but sometimes you just need that extra bit of support, and asking for help might your ticket out of your grieving state.