How Counselling and EMDR Can Help Addiction

Counselling and EMDR can be an effective, supportive and successful way of dealing with addiction(s).  It is particularly helpful for people who do not require residential rehab or for those who have completed residential rehab. Furthermore working with a private counsellor gives you the added benefit of no waiting lists, no footprint on your medical records, choice of appointment time to fit your lifestyle and choice of counsellor.Other benefits can be:

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[li]Address any psychological issues that may be impacting your addiction such as depression, anxiety, stress or Trauma[/li]
[li]Gain self-understanding and identify triggers that may lead to relapse[/li]
[li]Develop strategies to cope with triggers that may lead to relapse[/li]
[li]Strategies and methods to ease withdrawal[/li]
[li]An opportunity to look at and tackle your problems in a different way[/li]
[li]Help to improve resources and problem solving skills[/li]
[li]Support for as long as you need it[/li]