Physical Abuse/Assault

Physical Abuse/Assault

Physical abuse can end up emotionally scarring anyone who is unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end. Physical abuse can include blocking a doorway, grabbing, punching, kicking, choking, physically threatening, hitting with an object, breaking things, stabbing, strangling, confinement, cutting and any other sort of abuse.

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Children are the worst off when it comes to physical trauma as they can still feel the emotional effects of the abuse as they grow older. However, the negative effects of physical abuse in adults can be just as damaging. Physical abuse falls in the following categories –

Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse occurs in relationships and between spouses. Any one of the partners may use physical force to gain, intimidate or maintain control or power over an intimate partner.

Domestic physical abuse is basically threats of action that are used to influence another person and includes any physical behavior that can be used to terrorize, hurt, humiliate or manipulate. It can also happen to any adult regardless of age or race or whether they are married to an abusive person or not.

For instance, such a person may be in a physically abusive relationship if their partner has ever –

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[li]Trapped them somewhere or prevented them from leaving[/li]
[li]Kicked them out of their home[/li]
[li]Hurt their children[/li]
[li]Damaged property in a fit of rage[/li]
[li]Prevented them from calling the authorities or seeking medical attention when they needed it[/li]
[li]Deliberately drove recklessly while they were in the car[/li]
[li]Used weapons to threaten them[/li]
[li]Sexual Abuse[/li]

Physical abuse can be sexual as well.  In fact this is considered to be one of the worst kinds of trauma and for good reason. It involves any unwanted sexual advances or sexual contact by another adult. An abuser might also make sexual jokes, ask for sexual favors or use crude language that might make the victim uncomfortable. Other signs of sexual abuse may include –

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[li]Unwanted Kissing or Touching[/li]
[li]Degrading a person because of gender[/li]
[li]Forcing the victim to go further that they want to sexually[/li]
[li]Criticizing a partner sexually[/li]
[li]Restricting a partner from using birth control[/li]
[li]Unwanted rough or violent sexual activity[/li]

Rape also counts as sexual abuse. The act is a result of anger or to control power. Rape can either be carried out by someone the victim does or does not know and even a spouse. Threats of physical or bodily harm often accompany the horrendous act. The victims of sexual abuse may also feel as if they have been tainted or ruined by the event with most of them blaming themselves for the assault.

A person who has gone through such physical abuse may feel anxious or depressed all the time, even after the experience has long passed. They might also not want to take part in any social activity or gathering and may seem fearful all the time.