Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

No one likes to talk about it and that is exactly why sexual abuse victims get help too late. In fact, the effects of sexual abuse might last for decades with no one being the wiser. The victim is the worst off since he/she keeps reliving the nightmare even long after it has passed.

In general, sexual abuse or assault means coercing someone to perform some sexual act forcefully. Lurid advances and comments also count. The assault can also refer to behavior that affects a person’s ability to control his or her own sexual activity. In this case, the abuser would force the victim to perform certain sexual acts such as oral sex, restricting access to birth control measures and rape. Other signs include –[ul style=”1″]
[li]Unwanted touching or kissing[/li]
[li]Unwanted violent or rough sexual acts[/li]
[li]Attempted rape[/li]
[li]Threatening someone to perform a sexual activity[/li]
[li]Sexual insults[/li]
[/ul]This is also why sexual violence comes in many forms such as –Incest

Forced sex with a close relation like a sister or brother also counts as sexual assault. The abuser might also be another member of the family such as an aunt, uncle or even a parent.


Rape may be initiated through threats or by physically forcing a victim for sex. Experts say that no weapons have been used in 8 out of 10 rapes, which is what makes the act so horrifying. Any person from any race, cast or creed can be a victim.

Male Sexual Violence

Young boys have as much a chance of being sexually assaulted as girls.

Sexual Exploitation through Professionals

Sexual exploitation through a professional involves sexual contact between any kind of professional and a client. For example, a doctor might use his position to sexually assault a patient. This might also involve a tutor.

Child Abuse

Child sexual abuse is by far the most prevalent type of abuse so far. It affects thousands of children and teens each year. The worst part of the problem is that the adults who are charged with taking care of the children are often unprepared or unwilling to deal with it when they do face it.

This makes such incidents go unreported with the unfortunate victims left stigmatized and of course, left to deal with their traumatic experiences on their own. Whatever form it manifests, childhood abuse always violates a young person’s rights. The resultant trauma also has the potential to turn into physical and mental health conditions if it is not nipped in the bud.

Domestic Violence

Adults can face sexual violence in the form of domestic abuse. Most of the incidents involve the abuser’s desire to exercise power by forcing their partners to perform sexually when they don’t want to or verbally abusing them.

Sexual Harassment

This might involve unwelcome sexual advances, making the victim go through sexual or verbal sexual conduct or a request for sexual favors. Female employees are at the most risk in this regard.