How Counselling & EMDR Can Help Anxiety

Counselling and EMDR are excellent ways of dealing with anxiety.  Talking to a counsellor can help you to consider your problem from different perspectives. Other benefits of having counselling are:

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[li]Understand what anxiety is and what keeps it going[/li]
[li]Gain awareness of the three systems of anxiety[/li]
[li]Identify and address the origins of your anxiety[/li]
[li]Understand what triggers your anxiety[/li]
[li]Find and identify unhelpful patterns that may be maintaining your anxiety[/li]
[li]Establish effective relaxation and grounding techniques to control your anxiety more effectively[/li]
[li]Develop effective distraction techniques for when you feel anxious[/li]
[li]Break the cycle of anxiety[/li]
[li]Help to improve resources and problem solving skills[/li]
[li]Support you as you move forward[/li]