The stories we carry inside us

What stories are you still repeating from your past?  You may at first think, I know myself pretty well and I think my internal stories are positive.  However for most of us the opposite is true.  The quick way of establishing this, is to focus on one area of your life, relationships, love, health, money, happiness.  If this part of your life is not how you would like it to be, then there is a possibility that you have absorbed old fashioned and unhelpful stories from your parents/guardians and these are getting replayed in your life today.

Perhaps you think this is far fetched, but there is a growing number of scientific research which confirms such a point.  Believe it or not, up until the age of seven (yes 7) we are like little sponges, taking in the feelings, beliefs and patterns of ‘others’, to the point that we believe them and then they get stored in our sub-conscious mind, which runs the show and re-creates them in our present life.  It is thought by many that every day we operate 95% from our sub-conscious mind (where old stories are stored) and 5% from our conscious mind.

The stories within are in plain sight, we are living them right now but unless you direct your intention to a particular area of your life and look at it through this lens, most of it is just invisible to you and you keep doing the same old thing, getting the same old results.  Don’t kid yourself, your brain likes routine and to keep running the same old programs (like a computer), but it doesn’t mean it is good for our health to do it this way.

Exercise to do:

Take some time out and focus on one area of your life.  Imagining your life until the age of seven, think about what stories from your mum, dad, or the main authority figure had about that issue.  For example if you focus on money, then perhaps your dad’s story was he had to work hard for his money, there was a lot of responsibility concerning money, perhaps there was a lot of spending etc.

Now look at your life today – do you do any of the same things? Do you believe you have to work hard for your money, perhaps you are surrounded by people with the same beliefs which reinforces to you this has to be true.  But it was true then everyone in the world would do the same thing, but we know that isn’t true.

It’s really interesting to look at it from this perspective, so that you can start recreating your own stories of what you want to think and feel.