Why Do I Feel Worthless?

[vc_row][vc_column][minti_headline size=”fontsize-m” align=”align-left”]Are you asking yourself, Why Do I Feel worthless?  Good – you’re ready to heal!

Essential guide for introverts and sensitives

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Feeling worthless – good because this is a sign you are ready to heal.

Yes, I know you have times when you feel bad, crap, rubbish and simply not good enough?  You certainly aren’t, alone, because the clear majority of us can feel like this.

To grow and evolve we must experience some sort of discomfort or pain, there is no other way.  To do this you must sit, feel and listen to your feelings. The good news is, that feeling worthless is the inner you trying to resolve and heal an obstacle. And once removed will enable you to feel better, stronger, more confident.  Allowing you will see your true worth with more clarity than ever before.

The following are a few things that feeling bad, crap, rubbish and worthless are signposts to what needs healing within you:

  1. Are you a sensitive person or introvert, because you may have too many bottled up feelings.  These can be from picking up other feelings, not just your own.  If you are sensitive or introvert you will be good at picking up other’s feelings, even if you are not aware of it! So, make it a regular practice to express your feelings. Whether it’s a good old cry, write or draw or even talking to yourself in the mirror can help with that, although it may seem a bit mad but it does work. A walk-in nature will be good for you as well as a few minutes a day meditating.
  2. You could have a quick glance over the past 24 hours and see if you can discover what led you to feel worthless.  You will be amazed how you can pick up negative feelings from TV such as drama’s, the news and of course social media?  So, to protect yourself reduce your exposure.
  3. Have you been in some way comparing yourself to others! Because this is the number one culprit for feeling crap!  And it’s so easy to do.  And your ego loves, loves, loves, making you feel worthless and small.  But the truth is, you are unique and wonderful. But your ego likes control and so doesn’t want you to change! Here is another tip:
  4. So, if you re-play ‘negative things’ people have said about you, and especially from childhood – forget it, don’t believe it, really!!!  The truth is that if someone says something that hurts you it could be they are projecting what they don’t want to see about themselves onto you. Again, this happens a lot when you are sensitive and/or introvert. So be kind to yourself. Be your own champion, listen to music that uplifts you and inspires you.  Surround yourself with people or things that inspire you, lift you.

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