Hello . . . I’ve been waiting to meet you

Yesterday I encountered a beautiful moment, when a beautiful rainbow appeared at the end of what had been a day full of rain and grey clouds.  But what really caught my attention was the amount of people, young and old who stopped to take a photo of the rainbow on their smart phones.  So not only did I think, ‘well I’m not old then, because I still love to see rainbows’ but I also noticed how good it made me feel and still does, recalling that moment of seeing others, noticing it, and taking time out to take a photo.

Mixed in with that I wondered whether people would have noticed the rainbow had it been a normal working day.  When we often are distracted by the busyness of life.  I think the metaphor of the day said it all for me.  That we too can feel grey and dull but within each of us is an internal beauty.  A beauty that sometimes we don’t believe we have, or perhaps we have believed ‘others’ lies that we should just blend in, numb out, be normal and invisible.  Lets not strive to be invisible to ourselves, lets strive to see our own abundance inside and out.