Meditation Classes in Leicester

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Meditation got a lot of publicity in the 1960s but really it’s something that people have practised for thousands of years. Mindfulness has a lot in common with meditation; it, too, has had a new burst of attention in recent years but it, too, dates back to humankind’s earliest days. I teach both. I teach meditation as a form of healing and in my work as a bereavement counsellor and life coach.

Like the Beatles, I found meditation in India, but you don’t have to go to the subcontinent to learn how to meditate. You don’t even have to believe when you start that meditation has anything to give you. All you need is openness. I’ve found it to be most useful for people aged thirty-five and upwards – and “upwards” has no top limit.

Some people use meditation to access the spiritual sphere but it really doesn’t matter whether you think you’re contacting something deep inside yourself, or something “out there” to which it is almost impossible to put a name. Yes, meditation can be a spiritual aid but it can also help with problems like difficulty sleeping, life’s stresses, anxiety… It’s a long list.


I can run group meditation & healing classes upon request.  Please contact me for pricing.

Each class has a theme and the theme tends to run for between four and six classes. Typical themes are:

• Chakras
• Self-care
• Vibration raising
• Manifestation
• Bereavement and heartache

A typical class will start with a short meditation to relax you and introduce you to various different meditation techniques.  Then there will be a brief talk about things you can do to improve in the area of whatever the theme is this week. That is followed by a longer guided and healing meditation which you lie down for.

Usually, this takes the form of a Yoga Nidra which – if you’re not already familiar with it – is probably the most complete relaxation you can enter while still retaining complete consciousness. It’s that state when you’re not quite awake and not quite asleep; most people experience it only at the moment they fall asleep. Your body is completely relaxed but you retain sufficient consciousness to follow my verbal cues. Rather than focusing on one single point as is usual in meditation, the aim is to combine meditation with that deep state of relaxation that is the Yoga Nidra. I like to incorporate some energy healing into your Yoga Nidra practice, giving you even more benefit.


Of all the services I offer, meditation is possibly the one that people are most doubtful at the outset & also the one about which they are most convinced as they move forward.

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Whether you’ve been through a painful loss or terrible experience, or simply sense that your life is not what it’s supposed to be – you can only progress if you access the place inside you where your strengths, resilience, positive energy and incredible potential of powerful resources live. Without being able to tap into and utilise your inner resources, it’s so easy to lose hope. To feel weary, listless, lost and ready to just give up. Very few people can free themselves from that feeling that way without help. Giving that help is what I do.

As a bereavement counsellor and EMDR practitioner, I’ve helped so many in the journey from heartache to happiness.  What makes it possible for me to do those things is because I’ve walked that road too.  I found a way to move forward and create a different life.  A life that helps me to live with the pain, sadness and heartache of losing my only child, through living a life which gives me meaning, purpose and happiness. Meditation has played a major part in my healing – and into yours too!

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