It’s Over! The Breakup Bible for Women

A relationship breakdown.  This is a sensitive topic that might force you to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, no matter how much you try to avoid it. Breakups are difficult, regardless of the way the relationship ended or how long it lasted. Grief is part of the healing process which won’t end until you let yourself experience these emotions at their worst.

Many people have the wrong impression that running away from feelings, sinking them in alcohol or partying until you are too tired to think will lead to getting over the relationship. In reality, it’s nothing like that. This short article will help you acknowledge all the stages you have to withstand in order to mend your broken heart. Start here, apply these pieces of advice and the outcome will be the one you desire.

1.    Accepting that it happened

First of all, you need to understand that the relationship is finally over. Relapsing and bargaining won’t lead you anywhere. By convincing yourself that the relationship ended, and there’s no room for getting back together with your ex, you are officially starting the healing process. Acceptance can be upsetting and confusing, but this is how to get over a relationship the quick and healthy way.

You are going to fight a battle against yourself, you are going to cry your eyes out and you’ll feel like your whole world is falling down. But the whole situation is coming to an end soon. Don’t linger on your past experience and try not to spend too much time on grieving your lost love.

2.    Focusing on yourself

Once you are done with the crying and you’re ready to face the world again, it’s time to focus all resources on yourself. When being in a relationship, people often forget to spend time with themselves. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts or wasting time on barren activities, straighten out the situation you’re in.  A relationship breakdown can make a person slip into depression which has serious consequences.

Concerning this aspect, you should treat this time of stress seriously. Ignoring this step could be dramatic for your well-being. Instead of losing sleep and eating too much ice cream, focus on your nutrition and sign up at the nearest gym. Engage in activities that you find pleasurable and productive. Keep your mind and body busy at all times, get enough rest and you’ll forget about the breakup in no time.

3.    Programming your mind

After setting up an active daily routine, you should work on your mind. Every now and then, your thoughts might get too crowded and you’ll tend to think about your old relationship. It’s time to stop that by re-programming your mind. Whenever such thoughts invade your mind, stop them from affecting your feelings. Break the cycle by denying the thoughts that come to your head and immediately turn back to smiles and positive vibes. Program your mind to see the good in every situation and transform your negative feelings into gratitude.

4.    Going out again

After learning how to get over a relationship for women, take your time to heal. Once you will be prepared to go out there and meet new people again, things will seem natural. You don’t have to force anything and you can wait as long as needed until stepping out again. The secret is to feel internally pleased with your current state, to pinpoint your progress and devote everything you have to yourself. This will reflect in your future relationships, which should be more mature, more calculated and more intense compared to the ones you had by now.