The couple that go together – Resistance and Change

Using big hammer to crack old bricks wall

Resistance has many disguises and it co-exists with change.  So I thought it would be useful to expose this little irritant for what it is, so you can spot it more easily and ignore it!!.  Whenever you have thoughts about changing something you are unhappy with, such as weight, here’s the thing, resistance makes itself known and talks you out of changing.  Because… it tells you it will require, your time, your money, your motivation, your effort and so on.  By the time resistance has gone through it’s list, and it is usually huge, you are completely worn down by it that you surrender.  However as we know all that happens is that you go back to square one, repeating old patterns which make you unfulfilled and unhappy.

The only reason the brain tricks you in this way is because it hates change and it hates things to be  unfamiliar.  The brain likes routine, it likes you to do the same old thing.  So the trick here is to just keep going, like you are running the gauntlet, so to speak.  The brain soon realises who is the boss and naturally then gives in and creates a new programme.

The second time you see resistance is when you start to change.  This time, resistance tricks you in a different way.  Yes it can wear you down, as above, with all the reasons why you will fail etc but it can also show up as illness, as an unexpected drama or event that requires your immediate attention and in doing so, gets you off track.  Don’t be fooled this is only the brain getting restless and anxious and it wants you to get back to your old programme/belief system, even if it is faulty.

In counselling, resistance shows up a lot, it is easily disguised but sometimes it can look like the following:  when you feel you have reached a plato, and you believe nothing is working, or that you start to think it is getting expensive or your time gets taken up with other things so counselling becomes a pressure, or you get an illness, or you start to have negative thoughts about your counsellor etc.  It is during these times that it is really important that you keep going.  Why, because once you break through this barrier there is a big leap forward in your mood.  That bit is nice : ).

Keep going and master your inner resistance to get the change you deserve for yourself and for your life because as the L’oreal Advert says – you are worth it.