Workplace Trauma

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What is Trauma?

Trauma is an intense and overwhelming experience that leaves a person incapable of coping in either an intellectual or in an emotional way.

This can be caused by a single catastrophic event, or by a series of cumulative stressful incidents, for example bullying, having to work with abusive superiors, worrying about job security, or demeaning work conditions such as impossible tasks and workloads.

Over time, these factors can severely impact an employee’s sense of well-being, being valued and of feeling secure. It affects health, morale and productivity, and if not addressed, has serious implications for performance and productivity.

Trauma can strike in many different ways

There are several types of traumatic events that can occur in the workplace, including;

Physical fighting or violence such as assaults, robbery, threats, rape or stalking

Natural disasters, for example earth quakes or floods or disasters like fires or explosions

Serious injuries or accidents


Heart attacks or strokes

Violent attacks by co-workers, customers or business partners

Downsizing and layoffs

Ongoing construction works and the stress of constant disruptions, noise, and moving together with the resulting changes in the relationship to co-workers

How Does Trauma Affect People?

Traumatized persons are compromised in their creativity, their intellectual capabilities, their ability to think, manage and learn, their response to diversity and their relation to others.

The results are oftentimes physical and mental health problems including depression and substance abuse, and because they feel neglected and aimless, persons will loose interest and withhold commitment and loyalty.

EMDR and Trauma?

EMDR is successfully being used in treating the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD. It helps people, very effectively and in a surprisingly short time frame, process their painful experiences and deal with the causes of emotional distress.

Very simply put, EMDR helps unlock negative experiences and memories, by focusing on the most disturbing part of a troubling memory, keeping it in one corner of the mind, while at the same time engaging in particular eye movements, which stimulate the brain into processing the experience.

EMDR Therapy is a highly effective technique with positive long-term results and is a recommended treatment of NICE (The UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and other therapeutical associations and organizations worldwide.

EMDR Treatment

Contact me for more information regarding EMDR. I am a qualified EMDR therapist, and a member of the EMDR Association UK and Ireland.

Case Study – EMDR Treatment of Workplace Trauma

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